The Art of Judy Challis

Self Portrait Sept 2013
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I start every painting with the mantra "paint what you know" in my mind. To know is more than to see or to copy, it is to internalize and express the essence of that moment It is to take the concept and run mental fingers over it, and use every one of the senses to explore the concept before pencil is put to paper or brush to canvas.

Some of my work captures that moment when you awake from a dream, the message and images slowly melting back into your subconscious as the mist of conscious thought slowly fills the brain with the mundane activities of the day, such as "time to brush your teeth".

When you look at one of my paintings, give your mind a moment to wander and see what story may be evoked. Look at the characters and write your own little fairy-tale. You may discover something about my painting and you may also discover something about yourself.

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